Emma’s home waterbirth of baby Indie

Meet Emma. Homebirthing goddess, producer of delectable daughters (all three of them), business entrepreneur. Basically, Queen Juggler.

This was one of the most peaceful births i have ever attended. Emma laboured gently and silently in the pool, surrounded by her husband, her mother and her midwife, Sheryl Sidery. She smiled as she birthed her baby’s head and slowly lifted her daughter to the surface. Her birth was so swift that her daughters went for a play in the park and came home to a new sister. Her birth was so swift that i only just made it in the door.

Emma is determined to open peoples minds to the possibility that they can ENJOY their births. And OWN their births.

You can read her blog post on Indie’s birth here.

We need more Emmas in this world.


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Your respect is requested. In fact, it is a requirement of attendance.


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