here we go!

Well hi there… so nice to see you here. Welcome!

POP! Hear that? That’s my blog cherry. It’s all terribly exciting.

To mark the occasion I would like to share with you a birth that I documented not too long ago…

This birth was a so very special (ok you’ve got me, they all are, every single one of them). It was the first birth that I attended alongside my doula sister, Lucretia McCarthy. What a treat it was to watch her work… she was calm, compassionate, thoughtful and funny. Oh, and she does a mean double-hip squeeze. All the things a doula should be.

But the real treat was witnessing Rebecca, this strong, beautiful woman, and Philippe, her unflinchingly focussed, loving partner, welcome their second little boy into the world. They worked so beautifully together, and between them, Lucretia and their wonderful midwife, the room was filled with a complete trust in the wisdom and ability of Rebecca’s body to birth this baby.

Welcome to the world, Tosh.


I’d like to take a moment here to thank the families, and especially women who give their permission for me to share these extremely personal images with you all. I am in awe of every one of you and eternally grateful.


Please, do not share, edit or reproduce any images here without permission.

Your respect is requested. In fact, it is a requirement of attendance.

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2 responses to “here we go!”

  1. Jimena Mercau says:

    I absolutely loved your pictures. I admire a lot a photographer from my country (Natalia Roca), you both have that unique sensitivity in such a moment is so hard to find… I admire you a lot now too!! I hope to some day become such a good professional as you are. Thanks a lot for this amazing gift, you made mi day!!

    • Jerusha says:

      Jimena, Thank you for your lovely words! I know Natalia’s work… it is utterly beautiful, so your compliment means a lot to me. Thank you. 🙂

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