Homebirth Australia Conference 2014, Brisbane City Hall

I recently had the honour of photographing the 29th Homebirth Australia Conference at Brisbane City Hall. The weekend provided a space for like-minded birth workers and the greater homebirth community to share wisdom, evidence, knowledge and stories around their work in, and personal experiences of, the world of homebirth. Keynote speakers came from across the globe and from down the road to impart words of encouragement and inspiration to this small, yet fiercely passionate community.

For those who attended the weekend, those who couldn’t make it, and those tempted to attend next year- I share these photos with you as a reminder and insight into the wonderful weekend it was.

Friday night kicked off the weekend with an intimate audience with keynote speaker, Sara Wickham, and a student midwives circle led by Jane Hardwicke Collings. Sara was presented with a custom made “pinard trumpet”…

HBA14-0960 HBA14-0998 HBA14-1025


Saturday morning hit full swing with a marketplace in the beautiful Brisbane City Hall before the games began…



The Homebirth Australia Conference Goddesses



The fearless Catherine Deveny led the charge as Mistress of Ceremonies and had us howling before we’d finished our first coffee… “putting the ‘bacon’ back into homebirth”.

HBA14-1181 HBA14-1186HBA14-1191


Sara Wickham on Addressing Risk

“Almost any time we use the word ‘risk’ in relation to childbirth we could choose to use the word ‘chance’ instead. The meaning stays the same but it is no longer cloaked in fear.”

HBA14-1211 HBA14-1250


Rachel Reed– Authoritive Knowledge & Informed Decision Making

HBA14-1308 HBA14-1319


Homebirth Australia’s most mini spokesperson



Sue Cookson- The Boiling Frog Syndrome, followed by a standing ovation of support

HBA14-1369 HBA14-1376 HBA14-1381


Midwife Jo Hunter on Vexatious Reporting

“Midwifery is the oldest profession on the planet.”

HBA14-1399 HBA14-1407 HBA14-1429 HBA14-1437 HBA14-1438


The Red Tent



Homebirth Australia’s Cherie Shuberrie



Handing Down of the Knowledge Ceremony, led by Sonja MacGregor. Inspired by the Blessingway tradition, midwives and student midwives feed beads onto a string to represent the collective knowledge. This is added to at each conference.



Consumer Informed Choice Panel- women telling their stories

HBA14-1543 HBA14-1567


Jane Hardwicke Collings and Judy Mort- Students Midwives Circle

HBA14-1586 HBA14-1589


Debby Gould & Melissa Brujin of BirthTalk on Birth Trauma – Is Homebirth the Answer



Dr Sarah Buckley– Homebirth – The Safest Choice



sarahbuckleyHBA  HBA14-1664


The Conference Dinner, Saturday evening. These shots are from early in the night, elegant and civilised.

And that’s exactly where we are going to leave it.



First up Sunday morning- Dr Andrew Bisits, Royal Hospital for Women Randwick

“Anything that interferes with labour is a potential threat to the bond between the mother and baby. This is part of a labouring woman’s instinctive response.”

bisitsHBA HBA14-1926



Catherine Deveny opens her heart and tells us her own truth- and makes me sob behind my camera



Clockwise from top left-

Charlotte Young- The Power of Storytelling

Jessica Offer- The Way to Pippa’s Birth

Hazel Keedle-  Women’s Reasons for & Experiences of Choosing a Homebirth After a Caesarean

Talulah Gough- Healing the Mamatoto



Hazel Keedle- Women’s Reasons for & Experiences of Choosing a Homebirth After a Caesarean



My Midwives Ispwich – Collaboration gradually changing one community’s perceptions of homebirth.



Practitioner Informed Choice Panel- Sara Wickham, Andrew Bisits, Rachel Reed, taking questions from the floor

HBA14-2111 HBA14-2121


Clare Davidson- WA Women’s Reason for & Experience of Birth with a Private Midwife



Sara Wickham pulls it all together with Own Birth, Own Knowing- encouraging us to work together, sharing our knowledge, sharing our wisdom.


HBA14-2185  HBA14-2197 HBA14-2241 HBA14-2242


The fundraising raffle contained some rather spectacular prizes- including a vulva puppet- prompting reactions such as this…



The glorious Sonja MacGregor



Jane Hardwicke Collings, School of Shamanic Midwifery, leads a spine tingling closing ceremony… drums, candles, and a sprinkling of magic.



Ok, and one of me with my favourite birth boffin, Sara Wickham. May we meet again.



So there you have it.


Now, will i see you in Melbourne, May 2015?



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  1. Barb says:

    Beautiful photo’s capturing the energy and vision surrounding women, birth and families. Without vision, without passion there will be no changes to choices and acceptance. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Fabulous photos Jerusha, thanks so much!! Can we get copies?

    • Jerusha says:

      Hey Sarah- thank you! I actually messaged you on FB this week looking for an email address to send them to. All sent now! Enjoy. 🙂

  3. Thank you! so very well captured. Wonderful pics. I am a definite ‘yes’ for M
    elbourne. Love and blessings.

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