The Magnificent Falls Creek, Victoria

I feel a bit lost shooting landscapes. It feels strange to have no little feet to chase after, or no labouring woman to marvel at and capture the beauty of.

I feel overwhelmed by being surrounded by the immense proportions of a world so beautiful- how can you capture that in a shot? Or even a series of shots?

None the less, occasionally, I try.  Sometimes I feel I have no choice but to try and freeze some of what my eyes are seeing- perhaps in an attempt to digest the beauty at another time, because in that moment it is too big for my heart.

That was how I felt last weekend during a visit to Falls Creek, Victoria. I have never been to this famed ski village in winter when it is bathed in snow- it would be another world entirely- but in summer it is beyond glorious.

The powerful charge of the mountains and the crisp, thin air make you feel, literally, on top of the world.

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  1. Julia Jardim says:

    Such beautiful images!

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