Shooting with Soul | 52 Project | week 2 | cold

What’s the perfect antidote to a steamy summer evening under a full moon? A cold beer, after after a dip in the cold ocean…

I often feel drawn to the ocean on a full moon… it happened this week. Around 9.30pm, just after the full moon rose on Monday evening, i headed down the hill to Bronte to see what i could find. People were just packing up their picnics, someone was doing laps in the ocean pool, and these folk were cooling down in the Bogey Hole, cigarettes and beer in hand, dancing in the moonlight… SWS52 Week 2

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  1. Such a cool Australian Summer pic :-)

  2. I love the nostalgic feel of this image. Just wonderful.
    Now I’ve got that song in my head!

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