Shooting With Soul | Project 52 | week 9 | A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life.

Ever wondered what my day looks like? No? I don’t blame you!
Well here i am being pushed into sharing it with you anyway…

Truth is… there is no ‘normal’ day for me. My days are very varied and often unpredictable. I often leave the house in the morning with several bags in tow to cover many different possibilities of where my day will take me. Several bags, and several changes of outfit.

But to this day….
First thing- a swim in the ocean. My days generally start either in the ocean or at the gym. Watching the sun come up is something i will never tire of.

Next up- the shot of the hospital carpark is on my way to a Heartfelt session. For those who don’t know about Heartfelt- it is an organisation of professional photographers who volunteer their time to photograph stillborn babies and terminally ill children- an organisation i am very proud to be a part of. Have a look here. People are generally amazed at how much demand there is for Heartfelt sessions- babies dying is not something anyone wants to talk about. It happens more than we want to imagine. The significance of this photo of the carpark? I spend quite a bit of time at hospitals- either attending births as a doula, or a birth photographer, or, like this day, for Heartfelt sessions. The carpark is often the place i find my centre before going in to these situations, or process my thoughts and emotions afterwards. In fact i’m sure sitting in my car has cost me quite a bit extra in hospital parking fees- but it’s time and space that i need.

Then comes a complete change of hats- a casting for a TV commercial at Fox Studios. More often than not castings make me feel like a complete dork. They can be humiliating and demoralising. Yes- all of those spoof films you’ve seen about what actors are put through in the casting room are true. Very occasionally you come out of them feeling like you’re exactly what they’re looking for (this feeling is proven wrong about 99.6% of the time), but on days like these when i’ve been where i have beforehand- perspective is a humbling gift. I leave the casting and don’t give it another thought.

Ok, so there’s the shot of my desk in there. This is always a part of my day. Editing photos, planning shoots and dreaming big… this is the cement between the bricks of my day, I fit it in between everything else, at every chance.

Then in the evening it’s time for a visit to one of my favourite places. Roman Pilates. Why my favourite? Because this place has made my life a whole lot more comfortable. I used to spend days lying on the floor- immobilised by back and neck pain. Not any more. Their functional movement training is freaking amazing and i love them for it. (Ignore the buffoon on the surfboard beside me- i have no idea who he is).

Then its home, food down throat and bed. I’ll spare you the visuals of that.

So there! My day tied up into one tidy little collage. If you made it this far i’m impressed!

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