Shooting With Soul | week 4 | time

Time. Oh the possibilities!

But there was one clear highlight this week… with a loose link to ‘time’. But that’s half the fun with this project- keeping it loose and tenuous!

Norman Jay MBE, British master DJ of funk, soul, disco… was in town for the Sydney Festival. He is an all time favourite in this house and his albums are played on the highest of rotation. We were not going to miss this.

The names of his albums??

Good Times.

And that’s a good enough link to ‘time’ for me!

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10 Responses to “Shooting With Soul | week 4 | time”

  1. Good times. LOVE IT! Awesome image too!!

  2. Hahaha love the link. Awesome action shot, DJ’s always look like they are loving life!

  3. Isabel Bowden says:

    That lady is having the time of her life! Love it.

  4. Nothing like letting loose to some good tunes!! Good times all the way!!

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